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2020 Made-in-Philly Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Made-in-Philly Holiday Gift Guide

Submitted by Conrad Benner,

Welcome to Streets Dept’s 2020 Made-in-Philly Holiday Gift Guide! Now more than ever, please for the love of God and our city make sure every single one of the gifts you’re buying this holiday season comes from a local artist or shop. Every single one.

Readers of this blog will know that this is generally not the kind of content I usually create (though I did try to once in 2018), but I believe so deeply in the value of Philly’s arts community and in the work of our city’s incredible artists so I wanted to give this a try.

Below you’ll find the names and links of all the 100+ artists and shops that replied to my social media posts asking if any Philly folks had things to promote this holiday season. I’ve done my best to break these artists/makers up into a few helpful categories. In each subcategory the names are listed randomly. I encourage you to pour a glass a wine and take some time perusing each of the links that catches your eyes!

Thank you for supporting Philly artists, now get to shopping!


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