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6 LGBTQ+ Businesses to Support in Philly

6 LGBTQ+ Businesses to Support in Philly

In celebration of Pride month, we want to make sure we are highlighting a few LGBTQ+ owned businesses in Philadelphia. During these times, huge corporations tend to update their logos to show the Pride flag, and may even update their inventory to sell Pride-related products. While some may donate a portion of their profits to causes supporting the LGBTQ+ community, unfortunately a lot of companies do not. They just use this month as an opportunity to drive more revenue towards their business. 


We want you to feel good about your purchases, especially knowing that you're bringing economic empowerment to the LGBTQ+ community. While there are TONS of queer-owned businesses in our city you can put your dollars towards, here are six you can support today! 


1. Naturally Queer

 Naturally Queer is a small business based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Focused on designing and providing apparel and other merchandise for queer and trans people of color.


2. Another Planet Barber Shop

Barber Jacque’ Scott, better known as Sci-Fi, hair magician can allegedly turn any head into a mind-blowing piece of art. Just check out the 5-star Yelp reviews calling her the “best barber in Philly.” Or you can ask the celebrity athletes who have spent time in her chair.

 3. South Street Art Mart

The South Street Art Mart is an artist-run retail shop located in the heart of Philly's South Street shopping district. With DIY roots and punk sensibility, the Art Mart is home to over 100 Philly-area artists and makers (and some from around the country, but still totally indie!).


4. Blue Marble Book Store

Sheila Allen Avelin opened Big Blue Marble bookstore in November, 2005. She chose to locate in Mt. Airy Village for its diverse community including artists, authors, musicians, and social change activists, along with the strong draw of other neighborhood businesses and the area's commitment to shopping locally.

**Bonus: coming soon to Bloc!**


5. Mechanic Shop Femme 

Here at Mechanic Shop Femme, I believe that education is empowerment, and we are all about empowerment and accessibility, offering free and sliding scale comprehensive automotive education for the average consumer, not for DIYers or aficionados. Regular folks like you.


6. Lace in the Moon

Nicole Nikolich is the creative force and laborer of love behind Lace In The Moon. She grew up in Northern Virginia and received her BFA in Fashion from Virginia Commonwealth University before moving to Philadelphia in 2016. Despite experimenting with numerous artistic outlets throughout her life, Nicole never felt married to a medium until her hands met a crochet hook. 

Through bright colors, bold scale, and playful texture, her larger-than-life yarnbombs evoke a sense of wonder and grandeur that are sure to add a touch of whimsy to your project or occasion.

** Bonus, you can shop Lace in the Moon on Bloc! **



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