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Can You Commit to Shopping Local for a Month?

Can You Commit to Shopping Local for a Month?

A few weeks ago we said we would look for people to commit to shopping locally for an entire month. As we started planning, we realized the Bloc team should "practice what we preach" and do this first before asking our community to participate.⁣

Sooooo the Bloc team is committed to shopping exclusively from small businesses for the rest of the month! 

(This should be interesting since one teammate will be vacationing in the Dominican Republic and another will be in Alaska. 😬)

We are going to stick to the basics and use a spreadsheet to document the daily moments we consciously choose to spend with a local business. 

While we take on the challenge internally, you are always welcome to shop locally via our website. We recently added books, soaps, and items for toddlers and babies! ⁣📚 🧼🍼

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