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Get to Know Kristen, The Bone Appetite's Manager

Get to Know Kristen, The Bone Appetite's Manager

🤗 When you're not at your shop what do you like to do❓

Hang out with my dogs & watch movies

🏙 Now that things are starting to open back up, what are you looking forward to with your business❓

Hopefully doing more adoption events and doing more deliveries with Bloc!

👋 What's a fun fact that people would be surprised to know about you❓

I am a singer and I can sing in the Indonesian language

🧀 Tell us a favorite story from during your time at your shop!

I'm not sure I have a specific story but some of the most memorable moments in the shop are the ones where people bring in their puppies and we get to meet them and make sure they have everything they need. We outfit them with harnesses and collars and leashes. We show them great chews and toys for puppies and educate them on nutrition for their dog. It's such a great experience and we love it especially when two puppies meet each other and play around on the floor.

🚲 How do you think Bloc will help your business❓

I think that Bloc will help our business grow because we have never been able to offer delivery before so it allows the convenience for customers to receive pet supplies right to their doorstep. It helps us compete with the big name brands like Chewy so we can deliver the best products some of which you can't find on Chewy. Also when you purchase from us you are helping support the community!

🏘 Where do you live and what do you love about your neighborhood❓

I live in Chestnut Hill and love living and working here. There are so many great shops, markets, and restaurants right outside my door. The community is very close-knit and supportive to small businesses. When I walk down the street I see a lot of dogs that come into our store. I may not know the owners name but most of the time I know the dogs name. You can find everything that you need in Chestnut Hill and friendly face everywhere you go.

🧡 What is your wish for your community❓

I hope that we can become an even closer community after the pandemic and make connections with each other as businesses and as people. When you support a small business in the community you are giving back and keeping your village vibrant and the stores open. I hope that retail and businesses in Chestnut Hill will persevere and grow their business exponentially with the support of the community.

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