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Human Activities and the Consequences on Our Planet

Human Activities and the Consequences on Our Planet

Something urgent came up that we'd like to talk about - the IPCC Global Warming Special Report. 
For those who haven't seen it, this report has confirmed without a doubt that the behaviors and activities of humans have consequences on our planet. The global temperature will continue to rise to concerning levels, weather will become more extreme and sea levels will continue to rise as well. While we can’t stop everything from happening, hopefully we can mitigate and lessen the impact.
However, this report is a reminder that we can’t put habit changes off until later in the future. We have a limited “carbon budget” to spend as a species, before things will be irreversible. Here at Bloc, this is a topic that's very important to us. It reminds us of why we began in the way we did. 
Our mission is to support local businesses in the most sustainable way possible, which is why we've been using e-bikes since day one. Cargo bike delivery cuts pollution significantly as compared to truck and van delivery. In fact, per The Guardian article that we just posted on our facebook page earlier this week, cargo bicycles cut down carbon emissions by 90% as compared to diesel vans. It’s not just better for the Earth either. Cargo bike delivery reduces traffic and congestion in cities, and believe it or not, they actually deliver FASTER than truck & van deliveries! Home deliveries are here to stay, and we are proud to give our community a choice to shop with purpose and feel good about their deliveries (while still shopping online with convenience!). 
We hope that this latest report will help people take a moment to reflect on their shopping habits. In the meantime, we ask you to help us in our effort to be part of the solution – whether that’s as our customer, or in other ways that benefit your environment!
The Bloc Team 💚
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