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Meet the Founder and GM of Our Shop Partner High Point Cafe, Meg!

Meet the Founder and GM of Our Shop Partner High Point Cafe, Meg!

🐶 When you're not at your shop what do you like to do❓  
I love to cook and cuddle with my dogs on the sofa. I have two big dogs! 
☕️ Now that things are starting to open back up, what are you looking forward to with your business❓ 
I am looking forward to people back inside the shop again soon! I miss the direct interaction and hustle & bustle. The shop is too small indoors during the pandemic. It's starting to feel hopeful with the vaccines!  
👩‍🍳 What's a fun fact that people would be surprised to know about you❓ 
I mentioned that I love to cook... one of the things I love to make is tamales. I used to have tamale parties pre-covid where I made over 400 tamales! 
🌆 Tell us a favorite story about your shop❓ 
I had a shop in Seattle before moving home to Mt. Airy and opening High Point Cafe. About 7 or so years ago a woman came to High Point and said to me, "you know, there's a cafe in Seattle that looks JUST like yours" - and it was the cafe I opened!  
🏘 Where do you live and what do you love about your neighborhood❓ 
I live in Roxborough. I love that the woods are right across the street. I'm also a Mt. Airy girl since I am originally from here and my store is here. I spend all my time in Mt. Airy. This is the community I serve and love.  
🧡 What is your wish for your community❓ 
My hope is that Mt. Airy remains a bubble for diversity and acceptance. 🧡 

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