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Meet the Founders of Our Shop Partner, Germantown Bicycle Supply

Meet the Founders of Our Shop Partner, Germantown Bicycle Supply

We asked Germantown Bicycle Supply's founders Mat & Jake some questions, and we love their answers (especially the broccoli answer 🥦):

🤗 When you're not at your shop what do you like to do❓

When we aren't at the shop (where we spend most of our lives) you can usually find Mat wandering Center City with his camera and Jake pedaling his mountain bike on the trails in the Wissahickon.

🏙 Now that things are starting to open back up, what are you looking forward to with your business❓

More human interaction! When we opened in August '19, we did so with the intention of connecting with our community outside of the normal customer-business interaction. We can't wait to start our skills clinics, mechanic classes, group rides and other events - especially ones that involve collaboration with the other wonderful businesses in Germantown and Mt Airy!

👋 What's a fun fact that people would be surprised to know about you❓

Jake never knew how broccoli grew out of the ground until this month when he realized it was growing in his community garden plot. There are other possibly edible plants growing in there that he still can't identify. Mat and the Ultimos (of Ultimo Coffee) were neighbors over a decade ago in South Philly. It's completely by coincidence that we ended up having our shop in the same building as their Germantown cafe.

🧀 Tell us a favorite story from during your time at your shop!

This is a difficult one because just about every day brings a wonderful new experience or introduces us to another amazing person. I think a story that I will be telling far in the future when looking back on 2020 will be the story of how we were able to use our business to safely help our neighbors get outside, stay active, and move around the city on their bikes during what may have been the most stressful year of our collective lives. This is very non-specific but also something that I think we can both agree is one of our proudest accomplishments as a business.

🚲 How do you think Bloc will help your business❓

Bloc is disrupting the hold that the online retail giants have on our neighborhoods. They are providing the tools for small fries like us to compete with these companies in a convenient, sustainable and ethical way. Dollars spent in the neighborhood stay in the neighborhood!

🏘 Where do you live and what do you love about your neighborhood❓

We both live in Germantown and can't imagine living anywhere else. There isn't a neighborhood in Philly (or the world) that is as welcoming, friendly, beautiful and passionate. Walking around on a warm afternoon it feels like you are constantly amongst family and friends, even with neighbors you are meeting for the first time.

🧡 What is your wish for your community❓

All we wish is for our community to be one that continues to cultivates dignity amongst neighbors, embraces its history and fights for its future without leaving anyone behind.

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