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Small Business Series: the nesting house

Small Business Series: the nesting house

Now that we have broadened our horizon's to more of Philly, we want to make sure every small business gets its deserved TLC from neighborhoods near and far. So we're kicking off our Small Business Series, where we'll be highlighting small businesses - whether they're a Bloc shop partner or not! We're not here to play favorites, we love all our local shops. As stated by the White House, "Small businesses are not only the engines of our economic progress — they are the heart and soul of our communities."

Now let's kick off #SmallBusinessWeek right!

🔸 WHO: 

the nesting house 

Natural parenting & sustainable living store with new parent support ⁠⁠

Mt Airy⁠⁠
🔸 WHY:

We chose Nesting House because of their strong commitment to community based action and focus on apparel recycling in the form of consignment, resale, and donations. You can get their gently used onesies, toddler clothing, swimsuits, and more on Bloc! ⁠⁠

 💡Have a suggestion for a local business for us to feature? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

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