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The Value of Shopping On Your Bloc

The Value of Shopping On Your Bloc

There's tons of reasons why you should shop locally to support your neighborhood. Here's some of our favorite reasons why! 


1. Create Local Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, since the end of the Great Recession small businesses have created 62 percent of all net new private-sector jobs. 




2. Keep Money in Your Community

Your sales tax is reinvested in your neighborhood which means better schools, transportation, and other local improvements. 


3. Environmentally Responsible 

Less transportation is required for local purchases which means less pollution and traffic congestion. Alternative delivery options like e-bikes reduce emissions even further. 


4. Your Purchases Are Often One of a Kind

Enjoy unique purchases with a lot of care and thought put into them. This gives you a special bond with the local shops in your community! 

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