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Why Shop Bloc?

Why Shop Bloc?

Bloc is a way for you to shop with PURPOSE and CONVENIENCE. On Bloc, you’ll find your neighborhood businesses where you can buy food, household goods and gifts all in one checkout! Bloc is designed to keep your shopping dollars local, not go to big box stores or giant online stores, and help you feel good about your delivery.
Here’s how:
✅ Bloc delivers via electric bike, reducing climate change impacts of big van delivery.
✅ Shopping and deliveries for Bloc are done by employees, not gig-economy "drivers.” They are paid a fair wage, and there is consistency and accountability to you as a consumer.
✅Your dollars stay local and support your local entrepreneur HEROES.
Even though Bloc originally launched to support small businesses during the pandemic, Bloc is here to stay as things open back up!
The original goal of keeping local dollars in the community remains the same, and Bloc is growing and supporting delivery for more local shops every day. 
If you are a local business interested in becoming one of our shop partners Bloc delivers for, please message us!
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