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Why You Should Use Bloc as Your Delivery Service

Why You Should Use Bloc as Your Delivery Service

Supporting Bloc delivery means supporting other local businesses, and supporting the overall health of our community. The other benefits include:


Green E-Bike Delivery
At Bloc, we specialize in delivery that is not only good for the environment, but it also gets people out of the house while allowing everyone to still staying safe and socially distanced! The electric cargo bikes we use are rechargeable, and they do not emit any CO2! Using a bike for delivery also helps reduce traffic congestion due to large trucks or vans blocking lanes in your neighborhood.

Your Money Stays Local
Bloc delivers for a variety of local businesses! When you use Bloc, you help keep the local businesses that we deliver for open, and you help support other local businesses. Locally owned businesses normally buy from other locally owned businesses, which means your support could go a long way in your community!


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