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You're a part of the supply chain solution!

You're a part of the supply chain solution!

Supply chain challenges are a hot topic amongst small (and large) businesses right now. We wrote a post recently about why to buy your Big Blue Marble Bookstore books early this year because there will be title availability issues this holiday season, but in reality books are just the tip of the iceberg. Supply chain issues are affecting all of the industries our shops cover, grocery being one of the biggest. 
So, what's going on right now exactly? Three things are creating the perfect supply chain storm (thank you, Mariposa, for this helpful post summarizing the reasons). 
First, current demand is exceeding supply. Second, many distributors are experiencing unprecedented staffing issues. Third, rising costs in materials are resulting in an increase in product pricing.
To quote Jon Roesser, GM of Weaver's Way, in his Inquirer article last week: "An important takeaway from the pandemic is that the nation’s food system is indeed vulnerable, and it wouldn’t take much to knock it offline." Don't worry, we have some good news to share - if you're shopping small businesses and local co-ops, YOU'RE PART OF THE SOLUTION! Co-ops (and small businesses) help ease the pressure on supply chain woes because so much of their shelves are filled with local and regional products.
Philly-area grocery co-ops did not suffer the same supply chain woes as the big grocery chains. We had some problems, for sure, but because we are less reliant on the larger, national food system, we have multiple vendors we can turn to when something goes out of stock, so often fared better at keeping our shelves stocked compared with national grocery chains."
Reason #7109819821 to shop local, amirite?!
Our two takeaways are: 
  1. We appreciate your patience while our co-ops and local shops navigate these challenging supply chain issues with pricing increases and product availability. 
  2. Whether it's on Bloc or in person, please shop local as this helps strengthen our local ecosystems! 
P.S. Read this post from Buddha Babe with another interesting angle that relates to this topic. You're welcome.
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