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Stone Cottage Industries


Theresa Spross started Stone Cottage Industries in Philadelphia where she practiced the art of handmade soaps and aroma products using all natural ingredients. Her scent recipes are unique, deeply aromatic and made with the finest essential oils, many of which have therapeutic and healing properties. 

All her soaps are 100% natural, thanks to a blend of olive oil, coconut oil and other vegetable oils. This blend provides a soap with a rich, long-lasting, lather while holding their firm texture over many uses. They are milder on the skin than mass-produced soaps because they contain a natural glycerin, an excellent moisturizer which attracts moisture from the air to the skin.

As an accomplished graphic designer, Theresa places a high value on the look and feel of each and every item she makes. Her soap packages are designed with various art papers and unique labels which make them wonderful to receive, display or give as a gift. 

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