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Bottle Underground

Bloc Delivery is working with Bottle Underground for sustainable local collections! Please give bottles and jars a rinse and put them in a cardboard box by your front stoop. 

Check our FAQ Page to see our Stoop Collection Zip Codes!
Pick up days: Monday through Friday
Pick up request cut off: 7PM night prior 
Pick up will take place within 5 hours of your selected time. 

Bottle Underground accepts glass containers and lids to process for reuse, upcycling, and recycling. 

In case you're wondering they always need more: 

Yogurt Containers 
Vinegar Bottles 
Juice Bottles 
Mineral Water 
Kombucha Bottles 
Cold Brew Bottles 
Condiment and Pasta Jars 
Large Bottles

Click here to book your bottle pick-up today!


Coming soon: Keep an eye out for an invitation to pre-order a crate and join our milk crate system for repeat collections to help build a new system with Bottle Underground.