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Click here to see if we deliver in your area!
Click here to see if we deliver in your area!


What areas or zip codes do you currently service?

  • Check for your zip code below!

    19119, 19144, 19118, 19129, 19132, 19121,
    19140, 19122, 19123, 19133, 19125, 19130,
    19139, 19104, 19143, 19103, 19102, 19107,
    19106, 19146, 19147, 19145, 19148

didn’t receive an order confirmation.

  • Check your email (and spam folders).  
  • Reach out to if you are sure an order went through without a confirmation note. 

Can I change the delivery time/day? 

  • There is currently no way to change delivery time/date after the order has been processed.   

    How do I tip? 

    • That’s very kind of you. There is a tip option in the payment section of the checkout process. If you do not see this option, try refreshing your page! It might not have loaded correctly.

    What if I received the wrong order, or I never received my order? 

    • Oh no! If our Delivery Specialist is still out on their route, they can come back, pick up the mistaken order, and return with the correct one.  
      • If not, we will issue a refund. 

    How will I know when my order is on the way? 

    • You will receive a text letting you know when your order is on the way.

    What happens if I am not home or unable to confirm receipt of delivery?  

    • If you are not home, you will receive a text letting you know when and where we dropped off your delivery.  
    • We will take a photo when we need to leave the delivery as proof of delivery.  
    • If you know you will not be home at the time of delivery, you can add delivery instructions and direct us to leave it somewhere in particular.  

    What happens if I live in an apartment building and my apartment is not clearly labeled?

    • We recommend adding delivery instructions letting us know where to leave it or which bell to ring if it is not clearly marked.
    • If there are no delivery instructions and our Delivery Specialist is unable to locate your apartment but has confirmed it is the correct building, your order will be left in the most convenient place that is accessible to them.
    • You will then receive an image of the placement via text.

    How do I add special delivery instructions? 

    • You can add delivery instructions to the checkout 
    • When you choose “Local Delivery”, it will automatically pop up.  
      • Please include all the details needed, especially if the location is not easy to find or access.

    How do I make a last-minute change to the delivery address?

    • You can email us with any updates.  
    • If the new address is close-bywe are happy to make the adjustment.  
    • If we can’t complete the delivery to the new location, we will coordinate a different time to make the delivery. 

     What happens if the delivery is delayed? 

    • We will inform you of any delivery delays in advance via text message. 

    What happens if there is inclement weather?

    • If the weather is bad and we are unable to deliver, we will inform you that we are unable to complete your delivery on the date you requested, and push your delivery to the next delivery day.

    How do I request a refund? 

    • To request a refund for an issue with your orderemail us at with the order information and issue. 

    How are you being safe through COVID – 19?  

    • Covid-19 has been an unprecedented challenge for all of us this past year. We are committed to helping Philadelphia reach the finish line of the pandemic in the best shape it can. With contactless delivery, we provide a safe and convenient alternative to in-person shopping, reducing crowding in indoor areas and getting you what you need at minimal risk to both you, our partners, and our Delivery Specialists. 

    How do I report an issue or compliment? 

    • To report an issue or compliment, email us at 
    • We will get back to you as soon as possible!