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What’s Bloc Delivery?

Bloc is an online ordering and e-bike delivery service helping you shop locally for your everyday needs. At Bloc, you can feel good about purchasing all your needs online. We’ve created an ultra-convenient online platform where you can purchase your everyday needs from your local shops with one credit card sale. Through this experience, you keep your money in your community by supporting local businesses; store owners and the staff you know and love while supporting a clean environment.

    How does it work? 

    • Check our FAQ page to see if we deliver to your zip code.
      • If we deliver to your zip code, you can begin shopping for items!  
      • Order from as many stores as you want in one order!
      • At checkout time, enter your zip code and select the delivery day and timeframe provided 
        • Delivery windows are shown in the introduction of the store pages.
      • You will be contacted when we pick up your order and again when we begin delivering. 
      • Delivery cost is $7. There are no other surprises or hidden fees within the products or at checkout.

      How does grocery shopping work?

      • We do our best with our partners to carry a wide range of products! If you cannot find an item, the item may be out of stock, or we may no longer carry it on our platform. Check back later to see if it’s available!  
      • The minimum for groceries is $30. 
      • The delivery days and times are in the introduction on the store pages.
      • We will text you in real-time if we need to do substitutions.