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Our Story

Bloc Delivery is an online ordering and e-bike delivery service empowering customers to shop locally for their everyday needs. Now more than ever, local businesses need our support. From food co-ops to gift shops, order with Bloc and receive deliveries via electric bike.
Help us keep local businesses open while transforming last-mile delivery.

Bloc connects people to local businesses using equitable and sustainable delivery. To achieve this mission, Bloc provides an ultra-convenient connection between local businesses and customers, where every product is available within a 2 mile radius and every delivery is done via electric bicycle, spurring on local commerce and green transportation. 


The guideposts of all decisions are the following values:

Locally Empowering. Community building. Community reinvestment.

Responsible. Environmentally. Socially. Financially. Safe.

Advocates. Social justice. Environmental justice. Equity.


Bloc Delivery is a minority owned and operated.

  In March 2020, we quickly set up the Bloc online ordering platform to support local businesses who had a hard time connecting with customers. We are growing quickly. We are building the business in this new world, helping keep local businesses open while transforming last-mile delivery (and paying Delivery Specialists a fair wage).

Currently, Bloc is serving businesses and individuals in: South Philadelphia, Northwest Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, and North Philadelphia (Callowhill & Kensington)