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Bright Trim Reusable Linen Coffee Filter #2

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Original price $24.00
Current price $21.00

$21 for ’21! For the rest of 2021 coffee filters are $21 each.

Ethically made in Pennsylvania with two layers of 100% organic linen for a delicious smooth brew every time. Slightly smaller size than the #4 filter.

How to use: wash or boil before using for the first time. Works in v-60, pour over and/or cone style machine. Cool, empty grounds and rinse, then air dry. To remove built up oils, soak overnight in diluted white vinegar every 3 months. Lasts for at least 450 uses!

Notable customer review:
"Love the linen coffee filters I have. Plus my friends love the ones I have given to them. During making butter I have used them to separate the whey from the butter. I would think they would [work] well with any project that involves separating liquids. Thanks so much!"

beautiful • sustainable • practical